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Our unique way of seeing, being and knowing embraces and integrates culture in all we do, informing our approach to the natural, built and synthetic environments.


Peer reviewed academic R&D on Indigenous Traditional Knowledges informs our integrated service design and technology development.


Our progressive evaluation methodologies and metrics provide critical insights required for responsive and adaptive client focussed strategies.


Creating a symbiotic relationship for end-users' and digital products through immersive, intuitive and responsive design, development and deployment.



Service Design and Digital Product Development
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Australian Taxation Office

NSW Government: Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Kimberley Land Council

United Nations Development Program

Museum of Old and New Art

Australia Council for the Arts 


Torres Strait Regional Authority

WA Government: Culture & the Art

Australian Broadcasting Corporation 





United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): Equator Initiative

We strategised and produced the digital campaign, Local Voices for Climate Action, showcasing how Indigenous Peoples, worldwide are utilising their Traditional Knowledge to combat Climate Change.  Our strategy plan included a social media campaign designed to raise awareness of Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ solutions to global problems - especially climate change.  

The campaign supported "Climate Week" events in New York City during the United Nations General Assembly and COP22 in Marrakech in 2016.

For more information, please visit the Equator Initiative.  

This project made possible by the generous support of the Intersticia Foundation.


Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Pattern Thinking: An Expanded Analysis of the First Indigenous Robotics Prototype Workshop

Angie Abdilla and Dr. Robert Fitch co-authored this forthcoming, peer reviewed article for the highly esteemed, Fibreculture Journal.

ABSTRACT. The Indigenous Robotics Prototype Workshop was developed in an effort to explore a culturally relevant use of technology with urban Indigenous youth. The workshop, held in November 2014, achieved a sense of cultural pride and confidence in Indigenous traditional knowledge while inspiring the youth to continue with their engagement in coding and programming through building robots. Further, the outcomes from the prototype workshop revealed a need to investigate how Indigenous Knowledge Systems, and particularly Pattern Thinking, might hint toward a possible paradigm shift for the ethical and advanced design of new technologies. In this paper, we will examine the implications of such a hypothetical shift for autonomous systems in robotics and artificial intelligence, using the Indigenous Robotics Prototype Workshop as a case study and springboard.

The full article will be available in the next issue of FibreCulture Journal (November 2016).


Supplier Diversity in the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

In 2016, we worked with the ATO to audit, review and evaluate their Supplier Diversity Program and how it addresses the Commonwealth legislation, the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) for The Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence.

We demonstrated the ATO's ability to devise and implement an innovative customer-focused strategy.  Through our evaluation framework, we produced a methodical and sustainable approach to improving the ATO's practices in client-satisfaction, leadership, people management, change management, planning, governance and innovation.